The ultimate strength of an association is found in its members. While direct contributions and donations fund the association's ability to participate in a meaningful way for the entire profession, the importance of direct member grassroots efforts cannot be overstated. Whether it be through hosting a legislator for a facility visit and meet and greet, volunteering to work in a candidate phone bank, walking precincts for petition signatures or any of the myriad activities surrounding the election process, local participation is key to development of lasting political connections individually and for the association alike.

The following IHCA Grassroots Manual and IHCA Member Grassroots Expectations one-pager highlight how to engage locally in the political arena. The Grassroots Report one-pager enables staff and facilities to report back to IHCA on the activities they have participated in locally. This enables us to bring YOUR personal approaches to bear when it matters most to the profession.

IHCA Grassroots Manual

  IHCA Grassroots Report

In addition to participating through campaign activities, IHCA encourages members to participate locally in a financial way. As with campaign activities, your relationship with your local elected officials can be brought to bear in assisting IHCA in our political goals while keeping the power in your hands!

The following calendar lists upcoming events of legislator and statewide events representing opportunities for you to participate in your district. If you need assistance identifying your local officials, use the Legislator Lookup located at the Candidates Page.

We'd ask that if you do participate locally, you let us know using the IHCA Grassroots Report linked above.

For questions, comments or more information about IHCA PAC please contact us at 800.252.8988 or click the button below to reach us via email.

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